Bankruptcy Restructuring & Liquidation Services

Cost effective solutions through decades of experience

Bankruptcy Restructuring & Liquidation Services

Schwartz Associates offers bankruptcy attorneys, their clients, financially distressed individuals and firms comprehensive bankruptcy services by leading the financial restructuring process, implementing strategic initiatives, managing stakeholders, and preserving value for all parties involved. Our vast experience as Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) handling complex bankruptcies across a diverse range of industries, positions us to successfully guide the debtor through the challenging landscape of bankruptcy.

Recognizing each situation is different, we utilize our experience to provide a full range of CRO services from complete company management and restructuring down to maintaining a limited financial oversight position in accordance with the court approved plan. Our primary objective is to optimize the value of the company’s assets while maximizing repayment to creditors and stakeholders. Throughout the process, we remain keenly focused on efficiencies to reduce costs to the company and restore financial stability and operational efficiency moving forward.

Why Schwartz Associates?

  • Decades of experience in bankruptcy court as Chief Restructuring Officer, Receiver, Special Master, Trustee, Examiner and many other roles
  • Extensive expertise covering Chapter 7, Chapter 9, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13 filings
  • Successful track record as Federal and State Receiver
  • Impressive performance history working with organizations of all size, across a multitude of industries