Tailored solutions across a myriad of industries


Across various manufacturing sectors our team provides valuable forensic accounting, valuation services, fraud identification, and bankruptcy services to the manufacturing industry. Our experience has proven invaluable in valuation analysis, financial investigations, auditing, and uncovering financial irregularities, fraud, and other financial misconduct within manufacturing organizations. Services and Specialties for the Manufacturing Industry: Representative Matters

Commercial Real Estate

Our Valuation Team assists commercial real estate clients by determining the accurate market value of their properties through comprehensive appraisal processes, taking into account factors like location, property condition, market trends, and comparable sales data. Our expertise allows clients to make informed decisions regarding property acquisitions, sales, financing, or insurance, while also providing credibility and […]

Retail & Restaurant

Through experience, we recognize that retail firms and restaurants present unique challenges effected by a multitude of suppliers, buyers, processors, wholesalers, importers, manufacturers, shippers, and many logistical hurdles. With this in mind, our team of professionals is uniquely positioned to provide forensic accounting, fraud examination, valuation analysis, bankruptcy and expert witness services to the retail […]


Our firm brings specialized financial expertise, investigative skills, advanced analytical tools, and forensic accounting insight to the ever-evolving healthcare industry. Through experiences working with large and small medical practices, pharmaceuticals and other healthcare firms we provide fraud prevention, regulatory compliance, dispute resolution, risk management, and strategic decision-making, contributing to the financial integrity and stability of […]


Schwartz Associates brings expertise in the areas of financial forensics, expert witness opinions and testimony, cost scheduling, asset valuation, contract compliance, fraud investigation, bankruptcy proceedings, and overall financial due diligence to the construction industry. By providing objective and independent assessments, we help construction companies maintain financial integrity, identify and prevent fraud, resolve disputes, and ensure […]

Oil & Gas Industry

Offering a full range of forensic accounting, fraud examination, bankruptcy and expert witness services tailored to address the unique challenges and complexities faced throughout various subsectors in the oil & gas industry. With team members having years of direct oil industry experience, Schwartz Associates is able to create specialized solutions for upstream exploration and production, […]